Preorder 'Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be EP'

Pre-order 'Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be EP' by One Man War. Pay nothing until its release on May 17 2013 and get a FREE  download.

The debut EP from London based singer/songwriter Conor Carleton is a wash of melody, harmony and heartfelt voice. Citing influences as varied as Kalinikov's first symphony and Bowie, the record is certainly varied, from luscious strings in 'Introduction' and 'Epilogue' and even electric guitar solos in 'Can't You Read The Signs?', which includes an appearance of People's Hermit's Fionn Connolly on vocals and guitar. Certainly the haunting melodies of 'There's No Place For Me' and 'If I Only Knew How' will have a lasting effect.

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